Boozy Nectarines

Boozy Nectarines

Boozy Nectarines or Peaches

There are many recipes around for this simple dessert, which I have always fancied but never tried because my grill is incorporated into my main electric oven. It seems to take ages to heat up and the waiting, plus the thought of how much it is costing has always put me off using it, especially for small amounts of food. Now, with my halogen oven I can cook small dishes such as this without breaking the bank.


  • 1 nectarine per person
  • runny honey
  • alcohol of choice, eg Cognac, Amaretto etc


Halve the nectarines and remove the stone.
Place on a tray or shallow dish, cut side upwards.
With a teaspoon, drizzle each half with honey and then with the alcohol.
High rack, highest temperature setting until the fruit is browning round the edges and sizzling.
Serve with cream or ice cream.

Tip. If the nectarine halves won’t stand level on the tray, use scrunched up aluminium foil to make little beds to support the fruit.
Peaches can also be used for this dish.

Posted by Maggie54 on 26/6/2011

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