Easy Peasy Bread and Butter Pudding

Easy Peasy Bread and Butter Pudding

Take 4 sweet, fruity scones, slice them up and butter the slices.

Break the slices up into chunks and place in a small suitable dish. (I used a pretty pie dish.)

Add extra fruit if required. I didn’t as the scones had plenty of fruit in them.

Mix 7 fl oz of milk with a couple of small eggs.

Add a little sugar – not too much as the scones are already sweet. (

1/2 tsp vanilla essence, optional

Pour over the chunks of scones and leave for 10 mins or so until some of the milk has been soaked up.

Sprinkle the top with a little sugar and cinnamon and pop into the bottom grid of the Halogen at 170°c for maybe 20 mins.

If not cooked enough, lower the temperature to 160°c and test again after 10 mins.

Posted by Silken on 8/9/2010

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