Pitta Pizza

Pitta Pizza

This pizza is very simple to make and very tasty. It is great making it in the Halogen oven and instead of pizza base we use Pitta that we cut in two around the rounding.
now we get two rounds of one pitta.

Spread some butter on each round on the internal side and add any pizza sauce or ketchup or both, put on it the cheese you like and add on top onion, mushroom, ham, or just leave it with cheese only.

Put one round on the low rack and one on the high rack at 200°C for about 7 mins or until it gets brown.

Take out the pizza from the high rack and leave the pizza on the low rack for another 3 to 4 min. It is a quick and tasty snack.

We always keep pitta in the freezer for this. We call it Pitta-Pizza.


and I forgot something very tasty you can make from the two rounds of the pitta:

Spread some olive oil on the internal side and add any herbs you like and chopped garlic if you wish. We love it just with olive oil and garlic.

Cut every half round of the pitta into 4 triangles, you get from 1 pitta 8 triangles put it on the high rack and let it dry and be crispy and you get great crackers.

These are great for any dip or just eat like this.

Posted by Aviva on 11/11/2010

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