Wensleydale and Cranberry Toast

Wensleydale and Cranberry Toast

With all the festive fare in the stores it came as no surprise when my subconscious appetite started giving me Christmas cravings.

So brunch today – Cranberry and Wenslydale toasties

Plugged in my toastie machine to get it up to temp and ‘click’ the power cuts out – seems the toastie machine is an ex-toastie machine.

Halogen Oven to the rescue!

Pre-toasted bread in pop-up toaster(that still works)

Assemble toastie stack

Square of foil (to catch melted cheese)

Slice of toast (No need to butter)

Scatter crumbled Wenslydale to cover as much of toast as possible

Dollop of cranberry sauce

More Wenslydale on top

Put on top shelf and set Halogen to max

Grilled in moments – the cheese will bubble first and then start to go a nice golden brown. If you see any hints of darker brown then that’s the time to stop cooking.

Use the foil to lift out the toastie and transfer to a plate, or eat without if you’re brave


Bonus – not scalding my tongue on boiling cranberry sauce as I seem to do every time I used my ex-toastie machine.

If you have a sweet tooth like me then for variety substitute a dollop of ginger marmalade instead of cranberry sauce.

Posted by Valkyrtb on 28/11/2010

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