Roast Pork

Roast Pork

Took a 3 lb boned and rolled Pork leg joint, washed and lightly rubbed over with olive oil.

Then (a useful tip however you cook pork) rubbed Balsamic Vinegar into the scored fat as it reacts to improve crispness.

Slight sprinkling of sea salt and then placed on lower trivet and started at 200°C for twenty minutes.

Turned down to 180°C and set for another 70 minutes.

Peeled and cut roasting potatoes, lightly coated in oil and added them around pork with fifty minutes to go.

Absolutely amazed at result.

Pork was moist and succulent, the crackling was unbelievably good, crisp and crunchy but not over fatty. we almost convinced ourselves that it was a health food.

The potatoes were golden brown and dry and fluffy inside and there was a wonderful deposit of juices at the base of the bowl which made a most attractive addition to the dogs’ meals.

Would have been gravy but on the Xmas excess reduction track.

Posted by sdmcc on 02/01/2010

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Further to the above, I cooked a 5 lb boneless pork leg joint yesterday.

It took 2 1/2 hours at 170°C turning halfway. ( I cooked it fat side down to start, then turned it fat side up to crisp and brown the fat).

It was cooked beautifully right through.

Posted by junie on 16.04.2010

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