Cooking French Fries in Halogen Oven

Cooking French Fries / Chips

Cooking french fries or chips can be quite difficult. I have tried oven chips which are basically pre cooked dipped in oil and frozen.

You have to put them on a tray to cook them. Best to do this on the top rack on 200°C and watch them, check from time to time. They cook quite quickly.

If doing chips from peeled raw potatoes then par cook them in the microwave oven first. Place them on a tray, brush with oil and cook in your Halogen on 200°C. Keep a watch on them.

These cook very well this way and you are using less fat/oil. Again it is a trial and error curve but eventually you will get it right. If you think of the way you do your roast potatoes, doing fries is basically the same.

Posted by Brocklesby on 16/01/2010

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