Halved Roasted Potatoes

Halved Roasted Potatoes

Medium-sized potatoes. Wash potatoes thoroughly, but don’t peel.

Rub them with olive oil and salt,  using your hands and a knife, halve them lengthwise.

Make some slits on them (in the “flesh” I mean, they don’t need to be too deep). Make a sort of “grid” with the cuts.

Season with olive oil, salt with anything you want: black pepper or paprika or some herb is a good idea.

Place the potatoes white side up on the high rack of your preheated halogen oven (preheat for 10 minutes maximum temperature, then lower it when placing the potatoes on the rack).

A good temperature is about 400°F. Time depends on the potatoes kind, their size…I would say between 35 and 40 minutes; keep checking from time to time.

Test doneness with a fork. These potatoes are traditionally served with allioli in Spain… I mean the oil and garlic sauce… You can substitute mayonnaise with finely chopped garlic.

Posted by MaryMer on 22/5/2011

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